Sports Apparel for Space Colonies Considered

What will the future of sports apparel become as mankind moves off planet and lives in space colonies? Space colonists they may play sports outside, with little or no atmosphere such as on the Moon or Mars. Because of the surface, jagged rocks, etc, they may have to wear special types of shoes, and they will need breathing apparatuses which are part of their sports apparel, uniform, or workout outfit and they can’t fail, otherwise the athletes can’t breathe and would suffocate.

The material would have to be skintight, but also allow their bodies to move and remain agile. Perhaps they will be made of a Graphene composite layered material. These types of materials may conduct electricity, and perhaps they would light up as various opponents made contact. For instance if they were playing soccer on the moon’s surface you would know right away if one player created a foul because the other players suit would light up where they touched. And the location on their sports apparel through the use of special sensors would give it away. Indeed, this might render a referee obsolete and unneeded.

For the players to move very fast across the surface they would have to lean total sports apparel forward quite a bit so they could propel their bodies during play, otherwise they might push off too hard and sail up in the air, as another opponent streaks by. Because of this they would need to wear shoes or foot protection which was highly flexible allowing the ball of their foot to make the curvature needed for them to run with their bodies at a much lower angle to the surface.

In high contact sports the players might not need as many pads as they do on Earth, because the impacts would not be as hard with the ground due to the change in gravity component if they fell down. However, the collisions with opponents would be, and they would hit the ground hard when knocked into it by another player, therefore they’d need modified protection, slightly different pads. When sports are played inside, in a zero gravity environment such as an orbiting space station, the  sports apparel playing field would be lined with pads protecting the players, so they would only need minor protection from hitting each other.

For Virtual Reality or augmented reality sports, the apparel might give off pain to the player wearing it, when the artificial avatar makes contact, even though the player never touched anything in the real world. Yes, there will be all sorts of changes to sports apparel in space colonies, orbiting space habitats, and zero gravity environments. It will be a whole different game, and nothing will remain the same. If you have any comments, or questions on this topic please shoot me an e-mail, because we have been researching this subject. Consider all this and think on it.

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