Smart Ways of Raising Capital for Your Commercial Real Estate Business

You do not need to miss out on a lucrative real estate investment opportunity though. There are smart ways you can raise capital and become financially independent to be able to invest your little hard-earned cash on a lucrative commercial real estate investment deal. Here are some things you can try out. hult private capital reviews

Talk to venture capitalists 

Venture capitalists are basically organizations or individuals who are willing to finance startup businesses or help with expansion of small businesses. These kinds of organizations or individuals have funds in place specifically for the purpose of investing in a business that shows the greatest potential. While you will be required to repay the loan at a specific interest rate, for as long as you can prove to the individual or organization that your commercial real estate business is potential, and have a solid business plan to back up your claims, you can rest assured cash will never be a problem when you identify a prime plot that you may wish to invest in.

Use your credit card

Most people would discourage the use of credit cards for commercial real estate investment. However, if you are wise and disciplined enough, you can get a good return on your investment and not end up affecting your credit score. Say for instance you have found a deal that goes for $300,000, you have $220,000 as ready cash and a short of $80,000. No doubt if you do not buy the property as fast as you can someone else will identify the potential in it and buy it. In such a situation, you can always request your lender to raise your credit limit, fill up the balance and pay for the property. You should, however, ensure that you sell the property in advance and repay back the loan since the interest rate would be quite high.

Second Mortgages

You can also finance your commercial real estate business investment by taking out a second mortgage. If you are not able to meet the mortgage requirements for your commercial real estate property, you can always use your house as collateral and take another mortgage, finance your investment and then repay the loan over time as you iron out your finances.

Seller Financing

This form of financing is such that the seller will be your lender meaning you will not need a financial institution like the bank. This is often very quick and will save you lots of paperwork and time. Most sellers with such financing services will often not be looking for huge down payments. In most cases, they always want to dispose of the property in question so as to avoid taxes and in the process make some profit in the long term.

You do not have to give up on a lucrative investment opportunity just because you are short on cash. All you need to do is to think smart and figure out what options are at your disposal.


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