Need to Reduce the Stress in Your Life? Get a Dog

I love dogs. Anyone that has known me knows of my passion for them.

Some people are Cat oriented, some for dogs. I love dogs because they are more “human” than other animals. They let you know when they are happy by wagging their tails and they have an expression that mimics the humans smile. Can you look at a dog and know they are happy and content? You bet you can. Paw Print Kit

A Dog is always happy to see you. Walk through the door after a long day and who is there to greet you? A Dog may run over all of the other family members in order to be the first one to greet you. They are truly happy that you are finally home.

Give them a treat, give them a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears and you have made their day. Go outside and throw a ball or a frisbee, you know they love to play.

It is a well known fact that having a pet can reduce stress in your life and even lower blood pressure. I believe that owning and interacting with a dog is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life and generally make you feel better. Many Dogs are frequent visitors at Nursing Homes and Hospitals because of the therapeutic effect they have on people.

If you are not a dog owner and are thinking of getting one then by all means, please check out the animal shelter or humane society nearest you. There are many wonderful and loving dogs there that would love to bring some happiness and sunshine into your life.

Do yourself a favor and go to the shelter today and pick out your new best friend.

Take care of your best friend like he takes care of you and be rewarded with many years of faithful companionship. Visit our site to get over 130 FREE Dog Treat RecipesĀ  plus 4 other bonus dog care guides. Absolutely Free!


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