“Learn Guitar DVD” – It Kept Blinking At Me From The Neon Lights

All I could see was the blinking light outside my hotel window repeatedly flashing, “Learn Guitar DVD.” It kept repeating itself and a circular neon bulb kept rotating around it. I envisioned that sign being just like the ones they used to have in front of discos in the 70’s. That was a bit before my time, but I just thought it seemed right. I was a graphic designer and doing something that I loved, but I had to travel a lot for meetings with my current position. I didn’t know people in every city or town I went to and often found myself moping in my hotel room. It just wasn’t fun to go out to eat alone all the time. Business suppers only lasted so long before the others got back to their cherished lives nike neon signs outside of work. For me, I had movies in the hotel room and work. I needed to find something fun to do when I was traveling. That is why the blinking neon sign attracted my attention while it distracted my sleep.

The walk across the street
I decided to venture out to the guitar shop that had the flashing sign calling me in. They’d be glad to know that it was such an effective deterrent – for anybody staying in the same hotel room as me anyways. I looked around for a bit and then asked where the Learn Guitar DVD’s were located. The guy pointed me towards them. I looked through them and decided to just go for it. I purchased a clearance guitar from the back of the store and two DVD’s. I lugged my guitar back to the hotel in its vinyl case and the DVD’s fit perfectly in my designer Coach purse. It was a little heavier to carry than I’d imagined. Good thing I was a light packer from experienced travel now and could check it on the planes without paying any extra fees.

Let the lessons begin
I strummed my new clearance acoustic guitar for a few minutes and chuckled at how bad I sounded. Then I pulled out the DVD and put it into my portable player. I started to listen. The instructor on the DVD was pretty interesting and taught me all about the guitar basics. I found out that acoustic guitars resonate sound from something called a soundboard. It’s wooden and at the front of the guitar. I looked down at my guitar and thought, “Oh, that’s what that thing is.” I held the guitar and was really into watching the DVD and absorbing everything. This was the most fun I’d had alone in a hotel room in a long time. Once I danced to the movie Risky Business – a ridiculous sight should somebody else have seen.

The next day I had to pack and get set to go back home. I got everything set and hauled my suitcase, guitar, and me downstairs and hailed a taxi. When I got to my appointment I made quite an appearance. I turned around and the guitars neck knocked a plant off an end table. Thank goodness it was a fake. Everyone looked, but didn’t say a word. I appreciated it!

My journey home rocked
My meeting ended and I headed towards the airport. I was waiting by my terminal. It looked like the flight was going to be an hour late for some reason. A guy sat down next to me and asked if I played. I told him the story and he thought it was really interesting. He said, “It sounds like you were meant to play the guitar.” That made me feel great and I loved it. Turns out the two of us were on the same flight. The seat next to me was empty so he came and sat by me. By the time I got home from that trip I had a date with a great guy and had started taking guitar lessons; plus, I got the account – the initial purpose of the trip. The guy and the guitar won out over the graphic arts for the first time in my life.

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