Faith to Overcome

Belief is accepting something as true. I know that God can bring me out. That is belief. Faith is acting upon what you are believing God for. God acts according to faith. God gives us instructions on how to get what we have asked for. We must follow those steps to receive. If you believe God for a mansion, you are saying that God is capable of getting it for you. Faith will drive you to doing what it takes to receive that mansion that you want. Faith is seeing something done in the spirit while waiting for it to manifest on earth. Belief is saying that you know God is able to do it. Faith is saying that God has already done it according to His word. Do we have faith or do we just believe?

We must begin to or continue to read God’s word on a daily basis. We must hear (learn and apply) what we read. As we read and hear His word, we will begin to build faith. More of God’s word will accumulate more faith. Less word will result into little to no faith. When we are down to the last drop spiritually, we must fill up on God’s word. As we fill up on His word, we will be filled with faith in Him. How do you want to go about handling your situations? Do you want to handle them yourselves because you have no faith in God or do you want to trust God and allow change to take place by having faith in Him? Whatever we pray to God for, we can receive it (Mark 11:24). We must keep the faith until it arrives. Faith is composed of going to God with prayer, believing that it is done, following up with action and keeping your faith in position until it manifests. The only way this will not work is if we allow doubt to set in between the time that we put in the work (instructions from God) and the time of receiving what we have asked for. There is always a window of opportunity for the enemy to slip in and bring doubt. To prevent this, we must fill that window of opportunity with more faith. That will seal it shut. Doubt will have no access to us.

What is Shunammite faith? In the passage of II Kings 4:8-35, it tells us the story of the Shunammite woman who had faith in God to change her situation around. The bible tells us that she was a great woman. She had great faith. Our faith in God should be great as well. Too many of us are still trying to climb the rough side of the mountain thinking that the rough or rigid spots will give us footing to climb over the obstacles that we face. Great faith tells us that we do not have to spend all our time climbing the mountain when we can just allow our faith to move the mountain. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. He is moved by our faith. Faith tells God that we believe that He can do what He said that He will do. And we will act upon that belief by following His instructions. Put God to the test. Take Him up on His word. God said that His word will not return void and will accomplish what it set out to do.

In the book of II Kings 4:8, the text tells us that Elisha, prophet of God carrying the mantle of His mentor Elijah, passed through Shunem. Every time he passed by, a Shunammite woman would feed him some bread. The bible tells us that she was a great woman. This woman had a husband who was old and she was barren. She had no children. The Shunammite woman did not really know Elisha but she perceived that he was a holy man of God. We have to ask ourselves something. When people see us, can they tell that we are men and women of God? We should not have to give them a big speech of how holy we are. Let them judge by the fruits that we bear. How do we carry ourselves? How is our speech? What words come out of our mouths? Do our actions contradict what we are saying to people around us? Only you know. So the Shunammite woman prepares a place in their house for Elisha for when he passes through.

This time when Elisha comes to the house of the Shunammite, sitting in the room prepared for him, he asks his servant to go and get her. In verse 13, Elisha asks her what can he do for her due to her hospitality. She did not have anything that she wanted to ask for at that period and time. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha told Elisha that the Shunammite woman has no children and her Request personal prophetic word husband is old. According to verse 16, Elisha told her that she will embrace a son. In other words, she will become pregnant with a son. The Shunammite woman told Elisha not to lie to her (deceive her). Have you conversed with God and asked him something? You prayed and reminded God of what His word says. You told God not to play with you. This is a serious matter. This is how the Shunammite woman felt. She had no time to play around. This was an emotional subject for her.

In II Kings 4:17, the Shunammite woman did conceive a boy. As Elisha promised, it happened by the power of God. The boy grew up. One day, he was working with his father. His head began to hurt. They did not know what was wrong. The father had someone to take the boy to his mother, the Shunammite woman. In verse 20, her son sat on her knees until about noon and died. The one thing that was promised to her is now gone. Now we find the Shunammite woman in a dead situation. But don’t worry. She did not panic. How many of us would have lost our minds in this situation? She laid her son on the bed that she had prepared for Elisha. The woman called to her husband. Tell a young lad to saddle me up so that I may go and find the man of God. Can you see what is brewing in the mind of the Shunammite woman? She knows that the fight is not over. The fat lady has not sung yet. She is in the midst of a dead situation and is allowing her faith to move her in the direction that will bring life to her dead situation.

Verse 23 tells us that the husband of the Shunammite woman begins to ask her a question. “Where are you going?” She said that it shall be well. It sounds like she was prophesying. Belief will only allow you to see what is in front of you. Faith tells you that the situation that you are in has already changed for the good. All you have to do is allow your faith to point you in the right direction that will resurrect your dead situation.

The Shunammite left her home seeking to find Elisha. Elisha seen her from afar and sent his servant to see what was bothering her. He had his servant to see if it was something wrong with her, her husband, or her son? She answered, “It is well.” It is well in Hebrew refers to Shalom. Shalom means peace or well-being. Not matter what the situation looks like, there is peace. There is peace in the midst of turmoil because God is with her. She is still operating in her faith. She made it to Elisha. She begins to hang on to the feet of Elisha. His servant tried to get him off. Elisha told his servant to leave her alone. Something is disturbing her and the Lord has not told me what it is.

The Shunammite woman reminded Elisha of what he said in the house when he told her that she will have a son (verse 28). She reminded Elisha that she did not want to be deceived (lied to). Elisha had his servant to go ahead of them to the house where her son was and put Elisha staff on the boy’s face. The servant did as he was told. As you can guess, it did not work. Where did Elisha get the suggestion of using the staff to resurrect the boy? We must remember that Elisha sent his servant to see what was wrong with the Shunammite woman. Elisha seems to be emotional at the time. We know that we do not make good decisions when we are emotional.

We can only assume that Elisha used this tactic (use of staff) to solve another dead situation and it worked. I have been guilty of using the instructions that God gave me on a past situation and tried to apply it to a totally different situation. It does not work. If God gives you instructions on how to be healed from cancer, those instructions will not help you if you need deliverance from an addiction. Do not react based off of your emotions. The situation will not change or it can become worse. We must let the peace of God rule in our hearts. If emotions are taking over, then peace is not ruling. We must all be sober in our thinking. Be on queue at all times so that the enemy will not overcome us.

The servant of Elisha makes it back to Elisha and the woman. He tells Elisha that it did not work. The situation is still the same. Elisha and the Shunammite woman go to the home where her son lies. Elisha shuts the door of the room. He is in his prayer closet. He begins to pray unto the Lord. Why is he praying unto the Lord? He needs direction. Elisha needs instructions to resurrect the dead situation. Elisha prays to the Lord. He gets his instructions. Sometimes we tend to think that it is something big and miraculous that we must do in order to see a change in our situation. Sometimes it only takes a simple prayer of faith (James 5:15).

Within that prayer, you ask for instructions to bring you out. Then you wait patiently for the instructions. God will provide. Elisha laid on the child, eyes to eyes, mouth to mouth, and hands upon hands. Elisha stretched himself upon the child. The flesh began to wax warm. The faith of Elisha and that of the Shunammite woman was still present. Elisha was inside of the house walking to and fro. He stretched himself upon the boy one more time. The child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes. The dead situation is no longer dead due to faith and carrying out God’s instructions.

If we wait patiently on the instructions of God from our prayers, we will see positive results. Proverbs 9:9 tells us that God gives instruction to the wise man (or woman) and he will become wiser; teach a just man and he will increase in learning. Only God can give us this type of instructions. We must obtain Godly instructions to make it in this world. We must pray to God for what we need and have faith that what we have asked of Him is already done. If our faith withers, then we are not likely to see the manifestation of the requests that we have made. Take time out of your schedule to begin to seek God. If you want to see your situations change, go to the source that is able to bring change. Your faith brings change. Your prayer brings change. Your obedience brings change. Allow the things listed above to be a part of your lives. We all can see blessings from God if we stay within the will of the Father. Allow your faith to bring life to you.

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