Ceramic Tile Patterns – Creative Ideas For You to Consider

Planning to remodel your bathroom? Here are a few ceramic tile patterns which can help you decorate your bathroom in the best way. While choosing the tiles make sure you purchase them according to the colors and designs matching your bathroom decor. Also be sure that you buy durable, stain and moisture resistant varieties. The color and pattern selection will greatly help you in creating a dramatic effect. Whatever your budget maybe, you can pick unique styles to totally transform the room into an interesting and relaxing area.

Here are some of the ceramic tile patterns to choose from. The straight style stick on kitchen backsplash herringbone tile is the most common type where the tiles are placed by stacking squares side by side. The grout lines run horizontally and vertically. Another style is to place them in a diagonal or diamond design. The grout lines in this pattern run at 45 degrees from each other. If you like to have something different you can buy the tiles in different shapes and sizes which include both rectangle and squares. Place them randomly and according to your creativity. You will be amazed at the design and finish you get.

There are several other ceramic tile patterns which are suitable for your bathroom. One of them is the brick design. Place the tiles like the bricks. The finish is fantastic and imparts a special attraction to the flooring. You can use both square and rectangle tiles for this. Yet another style is the herringbone where the pieces are placed in a horizontal and zigzag pattern so that each tile is at a right angle to the previous one. Other patterns include basket weave, ribbon pattern and pin-wheel or windmill pattern. All you have to remember is to choose the colors in such a way that the pattern is highlighted in the best possible manner. For more ideas you can refer to some design magazines or the internet.

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