About Video Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are those that test a player’s problem solving abilities such as pattern recognition, strategy and logic. They can take on a wide range of formats from anything as simple as shifting and stacking 2 dimensional shapes to solving mathematical equations.

If we take the former, Tetris is renowned worldwide for its addictive and original game play. Tetris is considered by many to be the most important video puzzle game to have ever been created. It has spawned many sequels and even more clones with many other video games such as columns adopting the falling block principal.

Action Sub Genre

One of the most enjoyable sub genres involves the player controlling game objects in a real time environment. The above mentioned Tetris is considered to be an action puzzle game whilst further more advanced games such as Lemmings and Loderunner are also action puzzlers.

If we go way beyond the development of such titles up to the late 90’s and early 2000’s we can also note games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill being action puzzle games. In the first Resident Evil game a player would control a character in a static 3d like environment and would explore a vast mansion solving many puzzles using shapes, documents, levers and clues given by other characters which interact with them. Resident Evil is one of the most prime examples of this category.

Other noteworthy action puzzle games include the disc world series and the monkey island games which the latter being remade of late as a set of casual downloadable PC games.

Internet Puzzles

Since the growth and development of video consoles the internet has sprung up a number of huge arcade brands including Big Fish Games, Play First and PopCap. If we take Big Fish Games as an example, one of their most popular genres is the ‘Hidden Object’ genre.

Hidden Object belong to the casual games market and are very cheap to purchase for download compared to video console games. One of the most successful series of hidden object games is the Mystery Case Files saga by Big Fish Games.

Hidden Object involve players locating items tucked away in detailed environments to either use later in combination with other items, to gain access to other areas of the game world or to simply complete a mini game inside another game.

Casual downloadable games are not the only ones 우리카지노 to receive millions of plays over the internet. Flash puzzle games are also on the rise and as such many teenagers have become enthralled with either developing or playing flash puzzle games.

Some flash puzzlers worthy of a mention include: Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 and 2, The Company of Myself, Totem Destroyer 2 and Red Remover. All these games have been highly rated by millions of players and offer by far the easiest way to try your hand at a large variety of original puzzle games.

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